We aim to provide for our patients’ good quality family medicine with a team approach, incorporating expanding multi-disciplinary skills under one roof. Our prabcticeleaflet, given to all patients on registration and to others on request, sets out the services offered and usual consulting times for each doctor. In addition to this:

Our Responsibilities to You:

  • You will be greeted in a warm, friendly and welcoming manner.
  • The telephone will be answered promptly and politely.
  • You will be offered an appointment with the doctor of your choice (holidays, etc. permitting), or a nurse as appropriate, within 2 working days. They will arrange access to other members of the Primary Health Care Team as appropriate.
  • Emergencies will always be offered appointments on the same day - though this may not always be with your usual doctor.
  • Home visit requests will routinely be dealt with the same day for those too ill to attend the surgery. Urgent calls will be dealt with as soon as possible and in all cases within two hours of receipt.
  • If an emergency arises outside office hours an emergency service is always available. Please telephone 111.
  • You have a right to absolute confidentiality at all times.
  • You have a right to privacy during your consultation and to a chaperone if this would make you feel more comfortable.
  • We will ask for your written consent before any treatment, procedures or operations.  You have the right to refuse treatment.
  • You have a right to information and answer to questions about your own health, in particular:
    • Any illness and treatment thereof
    • Any alternative treatment
    • Possible side effects of treatment
    • The likely outcome of treatment
    • The prevention of illness and avoidance of illness recurring
  • We will make every effort to see you within 20 minutes of your appointment time. If there is unavoidable delay beyond this you will be informed of this and the reason for it.
  • We welcome your right to see your own health records, subject to the limitations of the law (Data Protection Act 1990)
  • You have the right to be informed about the results of tests and x-rays ordered by the practice. Your doctor will advise you of the best way of obtaining the results at the time of ordering them.
  • Repeat prescriptions will normally be ready for collection two working days after the request is received.
  • Your medicines will be reviewed regularly if you are receiving repeat prescriptions to ensure that you are still receiving the most appropriate therapy.
  • You have the right to be referred to a consultant or other health worker as appropriate and to be referred for a second opinion if both you and your Doctor agree that this is desirable.
  • Routine referral letters will be dispatched within 2 working days of the referral being agreed with the doctor.
  • The instruments and equipment we use are regularly serviced and where appropriate, calibrated to ensure accuracy.
  • You have the right to choose whether or not you wish to take part in medical research or in GP or nurse training.
  • All members of our team will be suitably qualified and attend regular training and updating programmes.
  • You are entitled to complain if our service falls below the high standards you expect.  Please see your doctor, ask to speak to the practice manager, or write to us.

Your Responsibilities to Us:

With your rights come responsibilities which will enable us to give you the best service and we would ask you to note the following:

  • You are responsible for keeping appointments with us, and for giving adequate notice if you wish to postpone or cancel appointments.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment - if you are late so will all the patients who follow you be late.
  • Delays can be reduced by remembering that an appointment is for ONE person only. Where another member of the family needs to see the Doctor, another appointment should be made.
  • You should come to the surgery for appointments unless your illness or infirmity prevents you. A doctor can see many more patients at the surgery than when out visiting, and has much fuller facilities and equipment.
  • It will help us enormously if requests for home visits could be made before 10.00 am, as it may be difficult to contact the Doctor once he has left the surgery.